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Here you will find our latest tutorials and how-to-knit guides. 

Knitting For Seniors: What are the benefits?
During old age, one of the most important things is finding enjoyable and healthy ways to spend your time. Some[...]
Manly, Stylish, Knitted Hats: 12 tips
A wise man once said, “Chuck Norris likes knitting sweaters; If by ‘knitting’ you mean kicking and by ‘sweaters’ you[...]
Lucy Neatby’s Collections
Knitting is both a skill and ability; although everyone can learn the techniques over time, there is still an immeasurable[...]
What size needles do I need?
The sheer variety of knitting needle sizes and forms can be overwhelming for a novice. Should you use straight, circular[...]
How to knit a big hat – Part 1 of Video Series
Another amazing video series by Davina from Sheep and Stitch. This video tutorial series is broken up into two parts.[...]
How to knit a scarf – Useful tutorial video
In this video, Davina from, is going to teach you how to knit a beginners scarf step by step. This[...]