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How to knit a scarf – Useful tutorial video

In this video, Davina from, is going to teach you how to knit a beginners scarf step by step. This tutorial is for beginners and newbies that are not completely new to knitting.
She is going to go through each of the steps, and it is going to be a lot of fun.

If you just need a little refresher, or if you've always wanted to knit, then this program is for you. And if you are already a seasoned knitter think about sharing this course with someone who has yet to experience the joy of knitting.

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One last thing, if you want to speed up the entire progress, you can get a knitting machine, knits that could take 2 days can be reduced to a mere 45 mins!

If you are looking for anything related to knitting tools or resources, check out our homepage, as it has a nice overview of everything you need.

About the Author Caleb Gonzales

Caleb Gonzales is a retired carpenter who grew a passion for knitting after learning the art from his wife. After she passed away he has since taken on the responsibility of knitting socks, hats, scarfs and the sorts for his grandchildren.

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