Best Knitting Needles for 2022 – Double Pointed, Bamboo and Interchangeable Sets Compared

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BetyBedy Single Pointed Carbonized Needles

BetyBedy Single Pointed Carbonized Needles

Best traditional knitting needles

Clover Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

Clover Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

Best circular needle set for those on a budget

ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Needles

ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeable Knitting Needle 4-inch Tip Set-Complete

Best interchangeable knitting needles


Hiya, fellow artisan!

In the sea of interesting hobbies and useful pastimes, many people decide to take up knitting and learn to love it, no matter how hard it may be at first. 

Knitting has been a personal favorite for ages, traditionally as a craft enjoyed most by women who wanted to relax yet still do something.

Nowadays, I'm glad to see how many people share the passion and love that I have for this hobby.

Whether as a social or an individual activity, knitting can sprout from an occasional venture to a beloved hobby in a blink of an eye. Once we get addicted to knitting, and get acquainted with the endless array of knitting needles, we began to ask ourselves questions such as:

what can I do to improve my experience?”

how can I spice this activity up?”

If such questions permeated your mind lately, you are in the right place!

The best things to invest right off the bat are good knitting needles, so I have decided to personally select and curate a list that consists of only the best knitting needles that can be found on the market right now.

I will take a look at specifications such as the best material for the needles, needle size, and different types of needles, which are just some of the things that you, as a blooming knitter, need to take into account when shopping for your knitting needles.

To mention a few, the best knitting needle can come from these categories: double pointed needles, carbon fiber, plastic needles, aluminium needles, stainless steel needles, curved, and circular knitting needles.

Already intrigued?

There is much, much more to learn about knitting tools so that all of your ambitious knitting projects are carried out exactly how you expect them to be.

With that said, stick around to read my thoughts and verdicts and find out which are the best knitting needles for you!

Needless to say, my selection of the best knitting needle and knitting needle set is unbiased, and I hope I can help you with each review, along with some tips and tricks.

BetyBedy Single Pointed Carbonized Needles

First and foremost, we have selected a trademarked brand that brought us these fabulous needles.

These smooth BetyBedy needles are ideal for beginners as well as they are for everyone who has ever knitted in their life. This set of needles includes pairs with a wide array of sizes that are available for use, ranging from 2 millimeters to 10 millimeters.

BetyBedy is a trademark that proves that a product doesn't have to be expensive to be one of the most valuable tools for your projects, as these knitting needles are chosen and praised by thousands of satisfied users - including myself.

These needles are environmentally friendly, as their primary and core material is bamboo. As a result of the material that was used in their design and creation, they are lightweight and fairly easy to maneuver and use.  

They are the perfect instruments for your wildest ideas and designs, as they can bring to life anything that you put your mind to – be it scarves, hats, gloves, socks or sweaters. In addition to being my first choice of needles for you, they aren’t heavy, which means that they are easily portable, and of course, easy to use.

Are bamboo, plastic or metal knitting needles better?

While you are on the lookout for the best knitting needles, you need to know more about your wide spectrum of choices. If you are a beginner, perhaps your best starting point would be to opt for bamboo knitting needles.

Bamboo needles have an enviable number of advantages.

Firstly, bamboo is both strong and flexible as a material. Bamboo-made needles are tough and not prone to breaking or bending, but they are also lightweight and easier to operate than the traditional, heavy-set wooden knitting needles.

BetyBedy Single Pointed Carbonized Needles

When it comes to their design and comfort level, bamboo needles have a natural air and warmth about them. They are an especially comfortable option, which is why they are always the right pick for people with wrist or hand conditions, such as arthritis. They are lightweight and warm to touch, and both of these characteristics are significantly preferable for people with such conditions. 

Generally speaking, the knitting process with needles made from bamboo is a bit slower than with carbon fiber or plastic, but I made sure to choose the ones that won't slow you a bit due to the high-quality type of wood and slender build.

When purchasing bamboo knitting needles, bear in mind that uniformity is not so solid with this option. Instead, open your mind to the idea that each of your bamboo needles will be unique in its own way. If you wonder why this might be so, we are here to provide you with an answer – bamboo is a natural material, which means that, unlike other manufactured and processed materials (metal or plastic), it can have certain beauty marks.

This, of course, does not affect the functionality of your needles, merely their aesthetic, such as color.  The ones that I got to review were desert sand brownish.

Another debate that this straight knitting needle may spark up is whether you should get circular or straight knitting needles.

If you're deciding on buying these premium knitting needles made from bamboo wood, you must get familiar with all the benefits there are to the straight knitting needles (otherwise known as standard needles).

They are more beginner-friendly because their straight shape allows users to hold them under the arm, and the grasp feels more secure. This will also result in a higher speed of knitting.

Even though circular needles tend to be more versatile, that is also reflected in their price. With straight needles, however, you get a reliable tool while spending less money.

The best thing about learning to knit with a straight needle is constantly applying your perfect technique to adjust the movement of your hands. Namely, with straight needles, the weight distribution changes, unlike with circular needles. That's why the whole process is so dynamic and exciting. Thus, the adrenaline rush is another benefit (and perhaps the best one) to this knitting needle.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of pros to the circular knitting needle, and you'll read more about that in my next review.

Finally, you will be deciding whether you want to buy double pointed needles or not. If you ask me, double pointed needles are a bit complicated, but they are best for some projects that are too small for circular knitting needles.

In the end, it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons and make up your mind about these dilemmas - I'm there only to guide you.


  • The needle size is ranging from 2.0 to 10 mm, and you will get 18 pairs (36 pieces in total). They are around 10 inches in length.
  • With this purchase, you will get a set of needles for the best price, but there will be no cables or add-ons.
  • These lightweight needles are environmentally-friendly, which means that they are made from completely natural sources, without chemicals (unlike plastic needles, e.g.).
  • They require little tension, and they have a warm feel, which is ideal for people with conditions such as arthritis.
  • They are mildew-proof, without any rough edges, so they won’t hurt your fingers and will enable smooth operating.
  • Pros

    • These knitting needles are extremely budget-friendly and the cheapest on my list.
    • The speed of knitting with these needles is very satisfactory.
    • They are suitable for people who have arthritis and problems with wrist or joint pain.
    • The set has a lot of sizes, which will meet and satisfy all of your knitting needs.


    • Yarn can stick to bamboo needles, which can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on your knitting proficiency and preference.
    • You don't get any cables, a gauge, or other extras with this set.


    These BetyBedy Single Pointed Carbonized Needles found their place amongst our best picks review for several reasons, the most important ones being that they are both budget-friendly and made from good material. These two qualities tied together form a trait that simply cannot be ignored.

    These knitting needles are lightweight, they feel natural and easy when put to use, so you can be one hundred percent sure that they do not take away the aspect of relaxing from the entire process. Quite the contrary, they do not require a lot of pressure and tension to be involved in the process of knitting, so that is another aspect of them that we liked.

    Beginners will find these needles exceptionally functional precisely because the material that they are made from -  bamboo - is a sticky material in its core. Yarn is known to stick to bamboo a bit more than it does to plastic or metal, which beginners know to appreciate. 

    All in all, the conclusion that you can take away from here is that these needles are a necessity for every beginner, and can even bring relief to a seasoned knitter with very tired hands. Our scoreboard is below, so you can check it for the summa summarum of my experience with these needles.

    Features 8/10
    Ease of Use 10/10
    Price 10/10

    Choosing the most suitable knitting needles brand and style is a tough but rewarding journey.

    Knitting needles come in a variety of different materials, sizes, and shapes. While we know that the journey to the perfect needles is a tough one, it does not mean that experimenting with different needles cannot be fun! If you are a novice when it comes to knitting, trying out different needles is something that we warmly welcome. 

    Clover decided to fuse two useful aspects of needles into one and made interchangeable, circular needles. So, what does this actually mean?

    The utilization of circular needles is rooted in flat and round knitting. Although circular needles may seem like something that only professionals can and should use, don’t be alarmed – they are a functional and quite a useful asset when it comes to knitting.

    Circular needles are traditionally used for knitting some of your larger crafts and projects, as you can seamlessly knit in the round without any obstructions with them. Scarves, sweaters, and such would not be possible without those (or they would, with much more laborious effort)!

    Interchangeable needles are naturally a great follow-up upgrade while we are on the topic of circular needles. What this attribute of interchangeable needles brings to the table is a multitude of combinations in needle size and length. 

    Now that I have that covered, let me introduce all the aspects that made me favor Clover Interchangeable Circular Needles and include them into the best knitting needles review!

    Spice up your knitting crafts

    With Clover’s Interchangeable Circular Needles, your projects and crafts are guaranteed to be not only easier and more enjoyable to make, but they will also be perfect.

    You don't get the cable connector with this set; you would have to buy one if you need a longer cable than 48 inches (which you probably won't need).

    The materials that were used to manufacture these knitting needles are as follows: the needle itself was made from bamboo, which we mentioned earlier as one of the best materials for needles out there; the cord consists of nylon, and the joint was made from stainless steel. 

    Clover Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

    These materials, in combination, result in a fine powerhouse of a needle, each bringing noteworthy benefits.

    I've already explained why and how metal and bamboo needles are better than plastic ones.

    Also, the material of the cord proved to be the right pick for these needles because the most pronounced problem when it comes to interchangeable knitting needles is that they frequently slide off and on, which only makes knitting frustrating. The cord is sturdy, flexible, and smooth, a true guarantee to an unobstructed session of seamless knitting. 

    Another useful characteristic of the interchangeable knitting needle is its size. In order to decipher which size to use for what, we have comprised a useful list that you can refer to in relation to Clover’s interchangeable circular needles.

    These needles include five cord lengths, ranging from 16 inches, 24 inches, 29 inches, 36 inches, and, ultimately, 48 inches being the biggest among the sizes.

    I want to insert a little intermezzo on knitting needles sizes in this knitting needle set.

    The smallest size among them – this being the 16 inches long cord – should naturally be used for smaller projects. For example, if you are knitting a unique and fine, personalized baby gift, this cord length is the right match for you.

    The next in the size chart is arguably one of the best and most versatile ones, and it can be used for virtually anything.

    The cord length of 29 inches is good for knitting sweaters, especially the body part. You can use it for knitting blankets, big shawls, and covers, too. 

    Finally, the largest one can be used in knitting any heavy-duty projects, and they can do the work that no straight needle can. They allow you to knit perfectly and seamlessly and are good for tackling projects of the biggest size. 

    When it comes to tips and their sizes, these needles cover the range from number 3 (3.25 mm) to number 15 (10.0 mm).

    If you are a beginner, this information can come in handy once you decide to break out the interchangeable circular needles. We made sure that we do not leave our aspiring knitters out of the talk – and now that you are well-versed in this topic, we can introduce you to the makers of these needles.

    Who are the manufacturers?

    When shopping for the perfect needles, we like to know where they come from before we employ them and intertwine them with our craft. The company’s name stems from an anecdotal encounter of the founder of the company with clovers. They were his loyal companions throughout his student years as he kept them as bookmarks!

    The company sprouted from there onwards, bringing the founder’s vision to life as they produced needles and handicraft tools. To this day, they remain loyal to their users, and they value their opinions.


  • You will get the possibility of combining 12 sizes of needle tips and 5 cords into amazing 60 needle combinations.
  • The tips up to size 7 are sharper, and as they go up, they become less and less sharp.
  • The needles are made from a good fusion of materials.
  • Although the swiveling cables are made from plastic, they are durable and very flexible. With the longest cable, you'll also be able to use the "Magic Loop" technique. The smallest cable is 16 inches long.
  • You don't get the cable connector with this set; you would have to buy one if you need a longer cable than 48 inches (which you probably won't need).
  • These knitting needles and add-ons come in an attractive all-black leather case with zipper closure.
  • Pros

    • These knitting needles are well-made, sturdy, and practical.
    • The needles can be combined in 60 different ways, and the powerful task of choosing the best one is up to you.
    • Speaking of tips, they are neither too blunt nor too sharp but rather comfortable, as long as you fine tune your needle-material combination.
    • Great for larger projects, such as sweaters, scarves, adult socks, or even blankets (my favorite project these days).
    • Great for larger projects, such as sweaters, scarves, adult socks, or even blankets (my favorite project these days).


    • Some customers reported the needles being an inch short for their hands; this was not our experience with these needles!


    To wrap things up, we hope that you are convinced about the solidified status of Clover’s interchangeable circular needles amongst our best knitting needles selection.

    They offer a seemingly unlimited needle combination and are sure to deliver a performance that is close to magic. 

    Despite what seems to be a widespread belief, these interchangeable circular needles are perfect for beginners and experienced knitters alike because of their specialized lightweight feel. Because of that reasons, they are among the best types of needles. 

    The materials employed in the manufacturing of these needles are perfect as they are a strong promise that these needles will not fall apart, bend or simply deteriorate over time, no matter how much you use them!

    Don't forget to tighten them a bit when they get loose, and you won't have any problems with these high-quality needles.

    When it comes to figuring out needle sizes and their purpose, I got you covered on that front with my specialized mini-guide. And on the other hand, Clover has you covered in all areas of knitting with their highly functional and practical interchangeable circular knitting needles!

    If you love these knitting needles as I do, you can also buy them in a pack of two and three sets and enjoy the benefits of teamwork and collaborative projects. They are also great as a gift.

    To sort yourself amongst the plethora of satisfied and happy users, you can choose these knitting needles and be certain that they will not let you down!

    Features 10/10
    Ease of Use 10/10
    Price 10/10

    ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeable Knitting Needle 4-inch

    ChaioGoo needles have vaulted past the competition to make the top-notch knitting needles currently available, thanks to the high-quality materials, and the shape that ensures maximum precision.

    These premium surgical stainless steel metal needles come in a Twist Red Lace Set, which will enable you to craft any project you can imagine. Unlike with some lower-tier sorts of metal that discolor your fingers, this exceptional sort will not let that happen, no matter how much you use them throughout the day. Also, there won’t be a distinct metallic smell that sometimes can be present.

    The needles are smooth, but strong and durable so that each touch is comfortable and to the point. The impeccable stainless steel is coated with top-class red lace in order to enable the effortless glide of the yarn across all of their needles.

    Moreover, I want to emphasize that stainless steel needles are a much better choice than aluminum needles, for a number of reasons that I'm going to mention soon.

    Enhance your knitting projects

    With ChiaoGoo interchangeable knitting needles, all of your yarns, knots, stitches, and rows that you create will be incredibly beautiful and remarkable.

    They are sold in a set that offers your complete knitting experience, together with three cables for the large, and three for the small needles, so six in total. Additionally, there are cable connectors, T-keys for tightening, stitch markers, end stoppers, a needle gauge, and a fashionable case.

    As you can see from the description, this interchangeable set contains much more than just the best knitting needles to get you started and will provide an excellent base for many, many knitting projects.

    What you will be using the most apart from the needles, of course, is the cable - an interesting fact is that it is nicknamed “twist” not because it twists, but because it is braided in a sense that the texture is irregular. 

    However, if you are interested in round knitting, there is the “spin” cable sold separately that you can use for that type of knitting. The tread pattern is the same, though, so you will be able to use the best ChiaoGoo needles with both “twist” and “spin” cables.

    The cords can be connected with the connector that you get in this set.

    The needle gauge is efficient when determining the size of the opening in your needle, and there are also knitting needle sizes (in mm) written on the surface of the needles.

    Although some customers believe they do not need a key for tightening, these are crucial to the correct positioning of the needles. 

    Who are the manufacturers?

    ChiaoGoo is a company that offers a broad array of knitting needles and other knitting accessories made from the finest steel, bamboo, and wood. As they are based in China, they use a wide selection of natural resources to produce their tools. If you buy their knitting needles, rest assured that they will provide excellent online customer support.

    Also, when translated from Japanese, the name of the company means “Crafty Lady,” which may be inspirational for some of you to know, as it was from me. A lot of thought was put into making this company, its knitting needles, and additional add-ons. 


  • The needles come with interchangeable tips in 2 to 15 US sizes (2.75-10mm), and the length of the metal part is 5 inches (12.7 cm). The size of the needles is etched on them.
  • You also get cables that vary in length (24, 32, and 40 inches for both small and large needles), connectors for cables, tightening keys, a gauge, markers to count the stitches, and end stoppers - all in a beautifully ornamented case (wrapped up in a red bow).
  • The needles are made from surgical-grade steel. It is user-friendly for all knitters who may be sensitive to a certain metal due to its high-quality.
  • The tips of the needles are sharp and point, but won’t hurt your fingers.
  • Pros

    • The design of these knitting needles allows you to slowly and steadily increase the speed of knitting.
    • The company offers a lifetime warranty with this set of interchangeable needles.
    • The ChiaoGoo twist cables uncoil without memory, which means you won’t struggle with the repetitive motion.
    • Although they are lightweight, there is really a nice feel to these knitting needles.
    • When you join the cables, you will hear a satisfactory “click” sound, and the whole system is made much more convenient than with some other knitting needles.


    • Some customers reported the needles being an inch short for their hands; this was not our experience with these needles!


    Hopefully, now you can see how and why ChiaGoo interchangeable knitting needles earned their place in my top five.

    Not only do they exhibit excellent performance and allow you to create thousands of knitting projects, but they also are made from the best stainless steel on the market. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

    Why choose them out of the best knitting needles?

    Choose ChiaGoo knitting needles if you’re a high-speed crafter who enjoys doing a lot of projects at once, as yarn won’t stick to the metal as it does to plastic, which will ensure a quick and trouble-free process of knitting.

    The red lace will enable precision and smooth operating, and fine point tips are a real pleasure to work with.

    In no time, you’ll be producing many sweaters, cardigans, hats… It is a never-ending list when you add your personal touch to it.

    No matter whether you belong to the experienced knitters, or you are just getting started, it is always an honor to own such a premium set of knitting needles.

    Did I mention the lifetime warranty that comes with these knitting needles? It can’t get longer than that!

    Features 10/10
    Ease of Use 9/10
    Price 8/10

     Knitter's Pride Karbonz Double Pointed Knitting Needles

    Finally, we've picked a set of best carbon fiber knitting tools, and these are Karbonz by Knitter's Pride.

    When you are on the search for the most suitable, best knitting needles, you tend to think that you need to favor one aspect over the other, such as comfort over sturdiness, or flexibility over comfort. When it comes to Knitter’s Pride Karbonz, you will not have to choose.

    Out of a wide array of fortes that Knitter’s Pride brings to the knitting den is, first and foremost, their material. A strong combination of materials that were used to create these needles has many advantages.

    This reliable needle set will be enjoyed by beginner knitters and experienced knitters alike, as this multifaceted set levels out a scope of possibilities. Double pointed needles are known to be a challenge to overcome for aspiring knitters, but these needles make it seem easy.

    Knitting out your dream

    The strength of carbon fiber knitting instruments lies in their unique ability to allow tighter stitches as you begin your journey of knitting. This is especially admired and welcomed by beginners, who appreciate the sturdiness and tightness of their stitches, as, usually, the needles they use don’t knit stitches as tight, which results in projects falling apart and crumbling into nothingness.

    These will not make you feel discouraged or disheartened.

    Another forte of these knitting tools is that they grab more yarn than, for example, those that were made of wood. Another key point for beginners is precisely this, although this is also appreciated by seasoned knitters as it allows them a balanced grab of yarn. 

    Who are the manufacturers?

    Knitter’s Pride is a longstanding company and a household name when it comes to knitting.

    They pride themselves in learning from their knitting community, as they listen to what the needs of their customers are. This is generally reflected in their products, as they follow the trends their customers dictate.

    Their wide and envious range of knitting supplies is welcomed by apprentices and experts alike, as they try to find a balance when it comes to their customers. 


  • Among the most pronounced strengths of these knitting tools is their tip, which was made from nickel-plated brass. This tip moves yarn and doesn’t puncture or break the stitches, but allows for a better finish.
  • If you are worried about them bending or losing their structured shape, don’t be afraid. These needles do not break under even when the hardest of tension is applied to them (which we are certain you will not do). They are sturdy and comfortable for hours-long knitting when you feel like you are in the zone.
  • Customers have reported that they don’t feel fatigue in their hands after hours and hours of knitting.
  • And finally, we cannot go without mentioning their sleek, modern design. They are modern-looking and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which will make your experience overall richer.
  • Pros

    • The needles are comfortable and smooth for using, which is very important, as you’re likely to use them more than once a day.
    • They are as good for beginners as they are for senior professionals and experienced knitters.
    • The tips of these needles are not too razor-like nor too blunt, but just the right amount of both.
    • High-quality materials were used in the making of these needles.
      Aesthetically speaking, these needles have an eye-pleasing dark look, which increases their visibility.
    • Lastly, these knitting needles are sturdy and well-made and will not break or fall apart.


    • Some customers reported that their heads are not so firmly attached; we haven’t had such a problem, but it is worth a heads up.


    When it comes to knitting, it is important that your equipment doesn’t make the entire craft more difficult for you.

    Knitter’s Pride made sure that you have the right knitting instruments that are sure to satisfy all of your needs and desires, whether you are a shy beginner or an expert. This is both a reliable and sturdy set that will enhance your knitting so that you will not be able to even look at another.

    They managed to form a perfect balance when it comes to stickiness, as they are not too sticky and not too grabby, but just the right amount.

    Features 10/10
    Ease of Use 10/10
    Price 9/10

    HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Circular Needles

    We could not possibly aim to enrich our selection of the best knitting needles without mentioning HiyaHiya’s sharp steel interchangeable circular needles! Made from the finest stainless steel, these needles are here to improve the quality of all your future endeavors and knitting projects.

    When we talk about ease of operation concerning these needles, maximum comfort is guaranteed. They are lightweight, thus allowing for easier maneuvering, but the highlight of the entire experience is that they warm quickly to your hands.

    If you had any unconquerable stitches, these are the needles you needed in your employ to finally carve out the pattern that you desired. HiyaHiya’s needles are perfect for increasing and decreasing stitches into perfection, but they are also suitable for any form of innovation because they are both smooth and slick enough to deliver perfection.

    Without further ado, let us dive deeper into the matter.

    Knitting your vision into reality

    When it comes to knitting, many knitters want to escape mindless replicating when it comes to their own projects. Your knots and stitches are going to be delivered in your exact and precise style should you decide to go with HiyaHiya.

    This set of interchangeable circular needles includes the following: two 5-inch tips (US sizes 0, 1 and 1.5) and two 4-inch long tips (US sizes 2 and 2.5), as well as two two 24-inch cables, a 32 and 40-inch cable, and that is just the base of your future equipment.

    To accompany the needles and cables, the manufacturers have also included two sock tip adapters and two needle grips. To top it all off, you also get a soft case to store your needles.

    Neat, isn’t it?

    Who are the manufacturers?

    When knitting starts out as a hobby, then turns into a passion project which then grows into a successful company, you can be sure that your needs, standards, passions, and drives will be understood.

    HiyaHiya’s founder is a keen knitter herself, and once her search for the perfect needles turned sour, she decided to roll up her sleeves and do it herself. Luckily, her ambition was met by her father and her brother. The two, under her instruction, managed to bring her vision to reality and thus create one of the most famous and market-domineering products that you know today as HiyaHiya knitting needles. 


  • These precise, stainless steel needles are accompanied by key-less screw-on connections, along with flexible cables of various sizes (24 , 32, and 40 inches).
  • HiyaHiya’s needles are made from stainless steel. This means that they were designed with a high-quality material, which is slick and smooth but not slippery. Another bonus that comes with the material that was used in manufacturing these needles is that they warm up to your hands quickly!
  • Ultimately, there is a reason that the “SHARP” part is included in their name. These needles are, in fact, sharp, and this comes handy when and while working with a thin yarn or thing stitches, as the needle will not split the yarn.
  • Pros

    • There is no chemical smell that you can sense with some other knitting needles, e.g., aluminum needles, or plastic needles.
    • These knitting needles do not require a lot of tension; light pressure above the tips will be enough.
    • The needle size is engraved on the tips of the needles, and this is always a bonus.
    • The joint connection (made from stainless steel) between the needle and the cord is secure, and the cord does not slide off.


    • The circular knitting needle is not well-suited for smaller projects, such as children’s hats, scarves, etc.


    To choose only the best needles on the market seemed like an insurmountable task. HiyaHiya’s sharp, stainless steel interchangeable needles are one of those that made the entire ordeal seem easy and light.

    These stainless-steel needles are great for seasoned knitters, especially when it comes to knitting baby clothes, socks, or simply anything that is small. They will not damage, puncture, or split the yarn as you go knitting, which can happen to the majority of knitters if they do not use high-quality needles such as these ones.

    They are beginner-friendly, too. These needles are good to practice with, for all the reasons named above. They warm up to the hands easily, they are not heavy, and your hands and fingers will surely not tire as fast as they would with other needles.

    Features 10/10
    Ease of Use 9/10
    Price 9/10

    Wrapping up

    Dear knitters, we’ve come to the end of today’s knitting journey.

    So, here they are, the best knitting needles, from the interchangeable set of needles, double pointed needles, and needles with sharp tips, to the bamboo needles.

    You’ve also learned to size needle for your projects, as well as some tips and tricks I chose to share with you. Now you’re ready and inspired to create.

    Knitting Needles

    There’s a good chance that you will be doing wonders with your yarn as soon as you buy one of the five needles on our list.

    We’ve decided to pass the crown for the best knitting needle to the Clover knitting needle. Its performance is top-notch, the whole set has an attractive design and plenty of tools, and it lets you express all of your knitting skills to the fullest. All that at an affordable price.

    Before you go, make sure to check our review of the best circular knitting needles if you're interested in other renowned brands, such as Knit Picks and Addi.

    One last thing you’ll need after you’ve made up your mind on the best knitting needle for you is the perfect knitting machine.