September 23

How to knit a big hat – Part 1 of Video Series


Another amazing video series by Davina from Sheep and Stitch. This video tutorial series is broken up into two parts. Here is Part 1.

Today we are knitting large hat from beginning to finish.

Now, this hat is a free knitting pattern that you could get from SheepandStitch. The Big Hat is not for novices. If you feel skilled enough, then you are ready for the Big Hat in case you've mastered the cast-on, the cast-off, the knit and purl.

The knitting of this hat, an pretty much any other big knit can be vastly sped up by using a knitting machine for some of the straightforward sections.

Transcribed text from Video

Make sure you check out part 2 of the how to knit a big hat tutorial series. Here Davina shows you how to decrease the stitches from 44 to a handful,  and also explains how you can add a pom pom to your newly knitted hat.

If you liked this part of how to knit a big hat then be sure to take a look at some other knit stitch patterns which we reviewed.

All right, what a wonderful guide by SheepandStitch, featured right here on, your go to website for knitting tools and resources.


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