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Knitting DVD's and books

Lucy Neatby's Collection

This website used to exist to promote Lucy Neatby's knitting products and projects. She is an extremely talented knitting and we thought it would only be fair to share some of her informative and fun books and DVD's, including her Knitting Essentials series which is an absolute gem!

knitting essentials
Knitting Gems 2
Knitting Essentials2

Top Rated Knit Stich Pattern Books

We took the liberty of reviewing three of the most popular (and recent) knitting stitch pattern books on Amazon.
1. Increase, Decrease -- 99 Step-by-Step Methods
2. Cast on, Cast off -- 54 Step-by-Step Methods
3. 750 Knit Stitch Patterns -- The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible

one skein stitching patterns
cast on bind off
750 knitting stitch patterns

Helpful How To Knit Guides

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Knitting Tools

Knitting Machines

Ever wondered if it would be possible to automate the arduous task of knitting simple items like socks, scarfs and sleeves. With a circular knitting machine the dream becomes a reality.

Knitting a pair of long socks can take a seasoned hand a day or two, but with a knitting machine this process can be reduced to 45 mins. Read our detailed review to find out which of the four knitting machines tested we liked the most...

Knitting Bags

knitting bags

If you are a knitter who still uses a plastic bag or an old home-dwelling grandma to organise your yarn and needles then you need a to seriously invest $20 in a new knitting bag or kit. 

These bags are extremely affordable and will singlehandedly improve your knitting experience and efficiency. No more tangled balls of yarn, no wondering where the other needle has gone! We give you the hot take on three of the top selling knitting bags.


Circular Knitting Needle Sets

knitting needles


Circular needles are amazing for big projects, like afgans, blankets and the like. One of the main advantages to flat knitting with circular needles is these knitting needles help distribute the weight and hold more stitches for a large project. 

In our round up review, we review some of the best circular knitting needle sets on the market, including products from Addi, Knit Picks and more! Click below to find out which set you should get.

Knitting tools with our seal of approval

Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine

addi knitting machine

46 Needles included with kit, works with 4-8 yarn count

A knitting machine is not a sewing machine! This is the latest and greatest (no pun intended, its really big) knitting machine from Addi, and it is has 46 needles which is more than twice the number of the original addi Express which comes with 22 needles only! These  extra needles allow the user to make even larger pieces, making this Addi circular knitting machine perfect for knitting that king size bed blanket you've been to scared to start.

This machine includes Addi Stoppers, foot fasteners for stability, so you can safely secure the Addi knitting machine to the table. Another added benefit is it's generally safe to use around kids, as the needles are not sharp. Our friend at Sleep So Tight uses this machine for making decorative elements for their bamboo pillow covers. Be sure to read our full review where we put the king size Addi as well as three other knitting machines through their paces.

Craftiss Knitting Kit Bag

craftiss knitting bag

Durable, versatile, and did we mention cheap

This is our favorite big knitting kit bag. With the Craftiss yarn storage bag knitting, various projects simultaneously is not a challenge. You can efficiently use this knitting project bag for storing unfinished items in two big external pockets.

This bag is produced in Ukraine and was recommended to me by Kseniia Snikhovska. She is a 3D pen artist from Kiev who knits a little bit on the side and uses this bag. I never knew that you could combine 3D pens and knitting to create really practical designs. Check out her 3D painted art here.

Anyways back to the bag... this bag from Craftiss impressed us from a quality standpoint. The crochet bag is made from dense natural materials with excellent stitching, which you would expect since it's made for knitters you know!

It also comes with an extra knitting needle case, which comes in handy as you want to use the larger bag for your yarns, and this allows you to separate your needles and thread from your yarn.

The bag also comes with a guarantee and all this for under $35. We loved this bag, and we think you will too. If you want to read our full review, where we stack it up against some other best sellers on Amazon then read our full review by clicking the green button below.

Addi Turbo Click Interchangeable
Knitting Needle System

addi click turbo interchangeable knitting needles

Durable, versatile, and did we mention cheap

While Addi is not dabbling in developing rotorblades for popular drones and quadcopters, they are making great needle sets. The Addi Turbo Click system provides 10 different sizes of Addi Turbo tips (3.5 mm all the way to 10.0 mm), three different lengths of the extremely pliable blue cord (24”, 32” and 40”) supplied, and one connector piece which helps to either store stitches or combine your cords.

This system is the best interchangeable circular knitting needle set we reviewed. The click tips require no tools to change; all you need to do is insert the cord deep into the tip, twist and release. 

The tips also remain secure until you change them, thanks to the Click’s locking mechanism. To achieve a quality finish, Addi decided to coat the click tips in nickel. The nickel plating process is electro-static, which produces a smooth, rounded edge, where the tip and the cord "click" together. 

The best part is that Addi provides a lifetime warranty for all of their click tip needles, and this is something you won't find in many of the cheaper, lower quality knitting needles on Amazon. We give this interchangeable needle system from Addi our seal of approval as the best knitting needle set on the market today.

Important points when picking your knitting tools

Place a high value
on versatility

Because you're beginning knitting and just starting out you might want to experiment with different needles to determine which ones you prefer. After all, you may need a few pairs.

Or you might even want to think about circular knitting needles. You can still knit apartment together, and the fantastic thing is that they hold a good deal of stitches for larger knitting projects.

Choose the right yarn for the project

Even I get overwhelmed with the multitude of amazing knitting yarns on the market. I can spend hours going through all the various kinds of yarn, the color, the feel. And there is always something new.

This being said, choosing the right yarn for your knitting project can be perplexing.

When you are just getting started with knitting, purchase a smooth worsted weight yarn. Save the really fancy yarns for later once you've had some knitting practice.

Automate the
easy stitches

If you have a bunch of socks to knit, don't be afraid to use a knitting machine to do 90% of the work. If you are knitting a knee sleeve or supportive brace, then a knitting machine will be of no use to you.

If you are knitting a big blanket or afghan, don't shy away from a knitting machines. These tools will help keep knitting fun, and safe the intricate patterns and decorations for your normal knitting needles.

Choose the best
knitting needles

To start knitting, you are going to need a pair or two of knitting needles. There are plenty to choose from, and they are available in many diverse materials such as wood, bamboo, aluminum, plastic and so forth.

Bamboo or wood needles are fantastic choices for beginners. Knitting stitches do not slide off the needles as readily. They are also very comfortable to work with. Vinyl and aluminum are somewhat slippery, and your knitting stitches can easily slip off the ends.