July 16

Manly, Stylish, Knitted Hats: 12 tips


A wise man once said, “Chuck Norris likes knitting sweaters; If by ‘knitting’ you mean kicking and by ‘sweaters’ you mean “babies.” But let’s face it. Even Chuck Norris knows that knitting is suave. He just doesn’t want you to know he knows. It’s 2018 and all sorts of rugged and debonair gentlemen knit. Russell Crowe knits, for example. It helps him quell his manly rage. If Wolverine knits, any man can securely do so. Yet the question remains: Can you wear a warm hat that you knitted and remain a rugged and handsome man?

The answer is yes. It all depends on the type of hat and how you wear it. The last thing you want is to show up to work with a mop of messy hat hair. So, let’s take this apart and examine it one concept at a time.

What Kind of Hat is Stylish?

According to recent GQ articles, you want a hat that:

1. Does not slouch.

No one wants to be greeted by a guy that looks like he just returned from begging in the subway station. The slouching beanie does not say, “pulled together.”

2.Does not have a bill.

It’s just not in style.

3. It matches the color of your clothing.

This alone makes any hat sleeker. Although matching may not always be necessary, if you are wearing your hat to work or out on the town this looks more professional. This way, the hat seems like it fades into the background instead of seeming to shout, “Hey I’m wearing a bulky beany on my head!” You will look less like a kid on the way to his school bus.

4. Is a subdued or “winter” color.

This is not a hard and fast rule, there are many great colors to wear. Neutrals also look nice. But in general, there are more dignified colors to wear than say, a blinding, bright orange.

5. Has a pompom. Pompoms are in.

‘Nuff said. (But you don’t need to wear the pom if it’s not your thing. Hats without it are just as good.)

6. For a more casual look consider a bold graphic.

Having a logo of a favorite brand or sports team knitted into the hat is masculine and stylish.

How Can I Avoid Hat Hair?

Part of it is about the hat, but part of it is also about the hair.

  1. Consider wearing shorter hair in the winter. Shorter hair is less likely to mess up.
  2. Wait until your gel dries fully before putting on your hat. This might involve getting ready a little earlier.
  3. Slide your hat on from front to back to avoid a cowlick.
  4. Do not knit a hat that is too heavy or extremely tight fitting. The hat needs to have as little impact on your hairdo as possible. This means giving your hair some space.
  5. Do not use wool. This material is not only heavy, it also produces static. There are, however, products available to reduce the amount of static in your hair.
  6. Restyle your hair. Let’s face it. If you’re wearing a hat your hair is likely to get a bit mussed. Keep some mousse or gel handy so that you can swish some through your hair to get it back in place after you take your hat off. It doesn’t take it too long to give it a quick touch up.

So What Does This All Add Up To?

All in all, knitting yourself a hat is bound to make you stand out as resourceful, eclectic, and sophisticated. You may even...(dare I say?) impress with your “sensitive side.” Warning: knitting may inspire an audible “Awwww,” in ladies (as in “Awwww, that’s so sweet and charming.”)

A man who knits and looks good doing it is a man who is confident in his masculinity.

One last parting piece of advice: Chuck Norris. That’s the advice.


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