Best (and WORST) circular knitting needle sets for 2022

Product Name





Addi interchangeable knitting needles

addi click turbo interchangeable knitting needles

Best in test, great option for larger knits

Knit Picks Interchangeable knitting Needles Set

Our Budget Pick, excellent value for money

Knit Picks Interchangable Circular Knitting Set

knit picks interchangeable needle set

Cheap circular needle set, but outclassed


Portability is one of the most common problems of knitting and crochet enthusiasts. Yes, they can technically find a spot everywhere and do their work, but the load of the materials being brought from one place to another, especially with the spools of yarn bobbing up and about in uncontrollable directions would just make the deed impossible.

We therefore decided to review some of the best-selling knitting kits and bags on today. We tested each of these bags, listed their features, gave you a list of pros and cons and our overall verdict. 

1. Addi interchangeable knitting needles

Straight from the advanced mechanics of needle production, Addi brings you the best in class interchangeable knitting needles.

This Addi click turbo basic interchangeable circular knitting needle system is the finest quality needle system that works in a precise range and is suitable for everyone who has a way with knitting. With ten different sizes and three pliable cords, the Addi interchangeable knitting needles offers much diversity in sewing than was never thought before. 

The perfectly smooth and round edges of the needles allows you to fine tune your stitching concisely to the point of making your work look like a piece of art.

Addi, the leading German needles, and crochet hooks manufacturer still use the 25 step production technique for its beautifully crafted products. The Addi Interchangeable knitting needles are a trademark product of Addi which are the highest quality German-engineered needles manufactured by the same family that started the business in 1829. The company has a long family heritage, and they understand the feeling of having to sew things together.

For everyone with a knack for sewing

Ranging from housewives and grandmothers to professional tailors, the Addi interchangeable knitting needles are for everyone. Its easy-to-install and use technology make it a durable product for every user.

The revolutionary locking mechanism allows professional knitters embroiders, tapestry manufacturers, leather industries, upholstery manufacturers and other manufacturing industries to produce error-free products and of the finest quality.

The product range includes turbo click interchangeable needles, circular needles, straight needles, DPN needles, crochet hooks and other accessories ready to meet the requirements at an instant.


  • It is available in 10 different sizes ranging from 3.5 mm to 10 mm which has a perfect curvy and smooth shape for sewing delicate fabric.
  • There are three cords available for creating three different types of needles.
  • You can store your stitches easily with the Addi interchangeable knitting needles as well as customize your needles in a manner that that will satisfy all of your knitting needs. 
  • The needles are easy to install and use with a reputation for precision. Lastly, there is an amazing connector piece that allows you to join two cables together.


  • The best in class Addi interchangeable knitting needles come at a price lower to its competitors.
  • The lifetime guarantee is provided when purchased from an authorized vendor.
  • The perfect set for knitting when it comes to professional as well as personal needs.


  • Sometimes the 5 mm won’t hold the cord which might disconnect the cord instantly. 
  • The yarn me snag a little bit but works perfectly with continuous usage.


The Addi knitting needles come with the smoothest surface that is perfect for the most delicate yarn. Its cutting-edge technology makes it the perfect blend for professional embroiders as well as stitching sweaters at home by grandmothers.

Knitting has always been considered an art form that is distinct in its presentation and these interchangeable knitting needles allow you to achieve that maximum potential. It is a recommended product for everyone who wants to sew, stitch or knit. It's preciseness of knitting, and multiple cords feature allows you to carry on your work with great ease. The Addi interchangeable knitting needles are the needle set which is a necessity when it comes to knitting.

Features 9/10
Ease of Use 9/10
Price 7/10

2. Interchangeable Majestic Knitting Needle Set

Knit Picks Options Square Wood Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Finding the best knitting needles is a tough job but once you find a quality brand which suits you, hang onto them unless something special arrives. Presenting the Options Interchangeable Majestic Circular Knitting Needle Set, Knit Picks may just be giving you that moment.

Knit Picks is a trusted brand in US knitting circles so you know the product is well-made and not likely to simply snap with even a heavy-handed touch. The set is a good the starting point for the beginner with the pricing comparing favorably with buying the needles individually  from your yarn store.

Included in this set are nine sizes of the needle tip with 4 cables – 2 in 24” and 2 in 32” – with eight end caps and two cable keys, all held together nicely in a vinyl case. 

For most knitters, the US sizes 4 through 11 are the ones most commonly used but it does depend on the pattern you’re working to whether it suits all your needs.

options interchangable needle set

There’s always some doubt about whether these are the best knitting needles for work on straight projects. The answer is a resounding yes! The cord length ensures that you won’t notice any difference between these circular needles and your usual straight ones on that kind of pattern. 
It’s all down to personal choice and you’ll find advocates who prefer straight needles for straight projects and these circular needles for all others.

interchangable needle set3

A regular complaint about interchangeable needles no matter the brand is that they come loose as you knit. That's the case when the needles are hand-screwed which is why using the tool provided is so important.

If you tighten with the cable key, they shouldn’t come undone. It’s also important that you keep track of the key and put it straight back into the pack as soon as you’re finished!

Which brings us to the tips themselves. While this set comes with wooden tips, there is a nickel tip option as well. It’s pricier but not as expensive as competitors. The time to make that leap is when you’re sure the circular knitting needles are the ones for you. 

The tips are lacquered for durability while the yarn hangs on them better than those brands which don’t have the same coating.
And they look good. A rich tapestry of colors makes these needles stand out from the rest with the coating gripping the yarn without snagging every time you use them.

But the real strength of the Knit Picks range is their cable. While others fall into a natural loop over time, Knit Picks keep their shape for a lot longer. It makes them smoother to use, and when you’re not fighting for control of the needle, knitting is so much more fun.

A surprise bonus is that these should work with crochet hooks so long as the same brand makes them. It’s the small things like that which tip the comparisons to other brands in Knit Picks favor.
Priced favorably compared to others, the Options Interchangeable Majestic Circular Knitting Needle Set is a great buy and one which will find a lot of people singing its’ praises as best knitting needles you can find.

Features 8/10
Ease of Use 8.5/10
Price 8/10

3. Knit Picks Interchangable Circular Knitting Set

knit picks interchangeable needle set

If you are a caring parent knitting a sweater for your child, or a perfect boyfriend doing a DIY scarf to celebrate Xmas, you will want the best circular knitting needles. Well I have got you the one you need—The Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Caspian Circular Knitting Needle Set. 

What is it? 
This is the newest knitting needle set sold by Knit Picks, and you can also find it on Amazon. You can buy it as a gift, or you can purchase for yourself. Apart from Caspian, other colors like rainbow and Sunstruck are also available. Further details regarding this product can be obtained from the website of Knit Picks.

Important about Knit Picks
As its name suggests, Knit Picks is a company dedicated to the knitting industry. Items that are available include yarn, hooks, patterns, and of course, needles. Products on Knit Picks are currently on sale.

Knit Picks Interchangable Circular Knitting Set1

Features and advantages of the Needle Set

The reasons why I say this needle set is the best circular knitting needles is due to several unique features of this set. First of all, there are layers of laminated birch on the Needle set. What is so special about it? Well, it strengthens the whole needle set and makes it more durable. At the same time, sharp tapered points of the needle set means that working stitches will be much easier.

The needle set is also equipped with a vinyl case with snap shut closure stores. Users can store all needles, cables, and accessories and freely use them when needed. So, isn’t it much more convenient then needing to store those cables and little accessories elsewhere? 

The accessories included in the set are one 24” cable and one 32” cable, 2 cable keys and 8 end caps. There are also all needle tips of difference sizes in the set, from US Sizes 4 to 11. (equivalent to 3.5 – 8mm) 

From the above features, it is obvious that the Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Caspian Circular Knitting Needle Set is easy to use and durable. The wide range of needle tips and accessories provided also shortens the preparation time required for users before starting. 

Are there Cons?

Every coin has two sides—there are indeed some fallbacks. The price of the whole needle set is good. For most novice knitters, or infrequent users, paying this amount of money for a knitting needle set, even with high quality, is too huge of a commitment. Indeed, this knitting needle set is for professional and frequent users and can aid them knit quickly and easily. If you are a beginner who may not spend too much of your time knitting, then other economical knitting needle sets may suit you more. 


If you consider yourself as a regular knitter, then the Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Caspian Circular Knitting Needle Set is for you.  It is easy to use, and with so much features that will greatly make your knitting
experience more delightful. Without a doubt, it is the best circular knitting needles--Order it from Amazon now. 

Features 7/10
Ease of Use 7.5/10
Price 9/10

Wrapping up

So there you have it, the top three circular knitting needle sets reviewed, a little more expensive than your standard knitting needles but well worth the price. Our winner was definitely the Addi Circular Knitting Needle set.

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