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Knitting is both a skill and ability; although everyone can learn the techniques over time, there is still an immeasurable amount of spontaneity that lets individuals not only master several patterns but could also create shortcuts and individual styles on how to do things the easier way. Of course, experience and practice can only attribute to this, and with just the right amount of patience, things would be mastered in due time.

However, there is no shame or limitation in learning. Books or instructional materials not only add knowledge to previous ideas but could also even help enlighten people to do things a different way. But an alternative that proves to be much more entertaining than static, boring photos or step-by-step diagrams is well-lighted and well-produced videos. They are easier to follow primarily due to the teacher's engagement with the audience, plus, anyone can just pause the program, study the technique a little bit closer, or even backtrack should there be some confusions.

Lucy Neatby's Knitting Gems

The Lucy Neatby Knitting Gems is a four-part series DVD collection which tackles a range of topics that demonstrates more than just discusses techniques in stitching and knitting. Each DVD is composed of an average of an hour and a half of detailed presentations, with eye-view shots that evenly focus on the threads and the items being made so the viewer would not easily be lost on the progress of the activity. Also, the material is very friendly to individuals who knit on either hand, and she mixes the touch of professionalism with candidness in her teaching.

Varying strategies are being taught in all of the four Knitting Gems DVDs, but unlike books or handout sheets that only show one angle of the knitting patterns at a time, the video materials ensure quality output with every second spent of watching. 

All of the videos show well-lighted sceneries, with emphasis placed on each knot or purl made by the materials. Also, Lucy Neatby is careful to show the delicateness of the craft while speaking very clearly and slowly, and this avoids any mistakes on the actual handiwork being done by the viewer.

As this collection is composed of four DVDs, it is an understatement to say that the lessons just cover a handful of strategies and methods of knitting. Aside from introducing viewers to creating armholes in knitted vests and sweaters, weaving techniques are also given to make the activity a much easier thing to do. There are TONS of new materials to use, and these ideas could help create more and more types of products. The only limit there is one's imagination.

From edges to cord and braid styles of stitching, Lucy Neatby will be there with the viewer with every step of the way. She will be able to do a thorough lesson for each of the methods summarized at the back of each DVD set, and she could even give tips on how to include buttons with their matching eyelets or even beads and use them in a hook or a purl row into the knitted product.

Interested in knowing about dangling beads and techniques in using cable needles? What about engaging in a practical work of bind-offs, decorative twined chains and scallops? No problem--she would be able to show all of those in clear detail. There are also varieties of twists and knitting kinks which could be incorporated in the stitching. Plus, methods on how to re-condition wool or a yarn material is included as a bonus to the videos, not to mention those nifty procedures on how to salvage what would have been a hopeless piece of knitted product. In no time, they will be considered as perfect yet again.

Handy and most definitely useful, the Lucy Neatby knitting stitch pattern DVD lets anyone learn a lot at their convenience. These can be watched at the comfort of the viewers' bedrooms or living rooms, and wouldn't it be more fun to do the stitching and the knitting with friends? Try one out, and you would most definitely not be disappointed.

Lucy Neatby's Knitting Essentials DVD

knitting essentials

Lucy Neatby understands the dilemma of most knitters especially when it comes to tricky flows of the yarn, so she has created a series of lessons in DVDs to be able to reach out to a broader audience and help them with their knitting patterns the easier way.

While some may already consider themselves as well-versed in the subject of knitting, they will still be left surprised with the number of techniques that are left undiscovered. What you thought you already know could still improve, and through this knit stitch pattern DVD, anyone from an amateur to an expert knitter could learn a handful more ways on improving their knitting progress.

The Lucy Neatby Knitting Essentials allows users to learn different methods of knitting. From bind-off to cast-on, students of all ages would be able to see how to do a flat or a crochet chain, and they could even understand how provisional edges work, and what techniques they could do to maintain such a skillful task.

The very knowledgeable instructor also provides briefs on what to do with circular needles and answers common confusions on the different styles of cutting or ending a knitted piece of clothing without compromising the end pieces of the yarn that sometimes leads to messy outputs. There is even a portion which lets people learn how to recycle their waste yarn and utilize them to create more structured pieces of creation by grafting. Plus, she also gives out tips on various topics such as sock toe chimneys, yarn butterflies, slipknots and even hill stitches and valley loops.

Affordable and very much worth every penny in your pocket, this DVD is indeed a gem in any knitter's collection. Now there is no need to fumble or consult with equally confusing manuals--just a few minutes with this video and lots are already in line to be learned. And compared with face-to-face tutor sessions, anyone can pop in the DVD in the player at any time of the day, and Lucy Neatby will be there to help you with every strand of the way.


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