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Addi King Size
Knitting Machine

addi knitting machine

Best in test, great option if you have the budget

Prym Knittingmill

Budget Pick with a few issues

Addi "Gotta Have it All!" Kit

Express Knitting Machine

The Best Knitting Machine Bundle

Singer Knitting Machine

Poor Quality, not recommended!

Knitting is a craft which not everyone has learned to be skillful at—after all, it takes a lot of patience and knowledge for one to create even the simplest of patterns. 

Knitting a pair of socks, for example, via conventional methods, could be a day or two's work, even for the most seasoned knitter. However, knitting this same shape with a circular knitting machine can be done in under 1 hour!

And no, we are not talking about the huge, factory style circular knitting machines made by Siemens and co. Take a look at the video below if you are unfamiliar with these table size knitting machines.

So in this knitting machine review we looked at four products for sale on These products are some of the most popular under the machine knitting category and in our opinion the best knitting machines on the market today.

1. Addi King Size Knitting Machine

addi knitting machine

A nifty invention called the Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine resolves the frustrated inner knitter in us, and it makes any task much easier than by doing your creations manually.

Much more convenient to use, the Addi Express King Size Knitting machine automates the tedious hand work by allowing the user to experiment with various yarn and pattern styles without compromising the quality of the product.

Addi, a German company, has long set the standard in creating needle and crochet hook merchandises that set the bar high in the industry. The Altena- based company, established in 1829, has been with us for 188 years, and that alone would speak miles about the quality and the immeasurable care they have on their consumers.

The machine is as simple and innovative as it gets. It includes 46 needles arranged in a circular motion, the pace of which can be controlled by the handle on the side to allow the device to turn in a counter-clockwise motion.

Included in the package are a needle holder, a decrease needle, five replacement needles, four base feet, two screw hooks and a digital row counter which allows the user to determine just how many rounds the machine has already made. It also boasts of a steady base, which assures individuals that the knitting activity would not be disturbed no matter how fast the turning of the knob would be.

The user only has to wind up the yarn around the 46 needles for one full round in an alternate motion to set the lock for the product, and they’re good to go. Each needle has a designated number, so if one would be at a loss for some reason, things would easily be managed just by glancing at where things might have gone wrong.

With due practice, anyone can knit in no time, and as the machine is quite portable, it can be brought to any part of the home, office, or even outdoors to pass the time with. The plastic device does not take up a lot of space, and conveniently only weighs just a little over five pounds.

What is good with this King Size knitting machine is that even large items such as scarves, shawls, pillow covers, and blankets can be made. While the machine is circular, it does not prevent users to create a flat product—just set a needle stopper so that instead of a circular motion, the knitting would pause at one point and would then continue the work towards the direction it has originally come from. Otherwise, small patches of work can be done on the machine, and these can be stitched up together manually by the user should they choose to do a really wide blanket.

Alternate stitching would then be possible, all without the stress of counting and the occasional eye-strain caused by a rigorous concentration on the stitches. However, this 18-inch machine is limited to using yarn and cannot accommodate finer and thicker materials such as wool and smoother threads due to the limited circumferential size each needle can take. That just means that socks cannot be made, among other products which would use thicker raw materials.

Also, great care must be placed while turning the knob of the machine. Too fast and the yarn might jam, and this could eventually lead to a distorted product that would force the user to start the process all over again.

Speed and Quality 10/10
Ease of Use 8/10
Price 7/10

2. Prym Knittingmill Max

The capacity to make new, wearable products out of looms of thread and yarn already seem to be a daunting task to any regular individual. After all, not all of us have been taught how to knit, and the idea of converting yards of thread into something resembling a hat or a scarf is a relatively scary thought especially for the amateur. But technology, at least in simple ways without the requirement of batteries, has paved the way for innovation that could make any knitting task much easier.

The invention of the automated knitting machine has worked wonders for those who have already tried it, and the Prym Knittingmill Max is one of those devices that delivers what it says it would.

Resembling a small bucket with tiny legs, this best home knitting machine boasts of having a very fluid motion in its circular contraption that would sturdily hook up each stitch to another.

The industry giant, Prym, from Germany, has been delivering their quality products to the world since 1530, and this knitting tool is just another addition to the proud line of goods that their family-owned business has propagated.

With a total of 44 needles, the Knittingmill Max is capable of a semi - automatic weave that could make hats, tube scarves and the like. And just by reducing the needles to 40 by placing a lock to prevent the knitting from endlessly continuing in a loop, the stitches could go back and forth until it would yield a flat piece of creation.

The machine would then have the capacity to knit products such as blankets or stoles of up to 17 inches. Any circular clothing or accessory can be made out of this 15 - inch diameter Prym machine, but the items can only reach a maximum diameter of 13 inches.

The Knittingmill Max package includes a Yarn Guide tension piece to create the appropriate weight of the thread or yarn during the initial stages of the knitting. The absence of this essential accessory might not produce the desired finished product as the threads might be too loose or too compacted that no adjustment can be made. Also included are a plastic handle, needle legs and the manual for instructions on operating the device.

What is good with what is considered the best home knitting machine is that just about anyone can make their own knitted creations. Full attention by the user is not required, and just by turning the knob which allows the yarn to move in circular motions, the desired outcome will come up soon enough.

Anyone can watch the television or even chat with friends while tending to their art pieces, and it will be assured that as long as the right tension is initially placed, the yarn would hold and create the intended output. However, it has to be said that the user should not get too excited with the turning of the knob--too fast of a turn might snag the weaving, so the individual should find and experiment with a relaxed pace that would not cause any distortions to the item. 

Also, it would be advised that only yarns or threads which fibers do not tend to separate easily be used for the Knittingmill Max. No one would like to see knots and waste time in removing the tangles. And although the machine itself is not easily breakable especially with the good quality of German materials used, the lack of concern on the actual thread to make a piece of clothing or accessory might cause damages even when one is already halfway through their creation.

Much cheaper than its counterparts of up to one - third of the price, the Prym Knittingmill Max is one of those goodies that are worth every cent. The machine does have a hole in the middle so it might be quite difficult to find a flat surface or table which could accommodate its donut shape.

Still, it weighs just a little under 4 pounds, and this is not bad at all regarding knitting machines. This is highly recommended and definitely something which could harness the knitting talent and interests of enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Speed and Quality 6/10
Ease of Use 9/10
Price 9/10

3. Addi-Express Professional Extended Edition

addi pro knitting machine

With over 100 years’ worth of experience in the manufacture of knitting tools, addi is one of the most reputed companies in the industry. The firm produces everything from crochet hooks to knitting machines. And over the years that it has been in existence, the firm has acquired a reputation for producing intricately crafted knitting tools.

The Germany based manufacturer is behind the Addi Express Professional Extended Edition. This is a cheaper alternative to a full electronic knitting machine. Apart from being cheaper, this machine is also smaller than a conventional knitting machine. It is a small but strong knitting machine that will not take up a lot of space.

Who is it for?

Buying a conventional knitting machine is costly, and the machine will end up taking up quite some space.

Fortunately, the alternative to buying a full knitting machine is buying the Addi Express Professional Extended Edition. The latter is ideal for people looking for an inexpensive knitting machine that is easy to store.

The Addi Express Pro makes for an excellent sock knitting machine. It's also great for creating ponchos, Afghans, pillow covers, and scarves. Thus, if you are looking to make any other of the mentioned items, this knitting machine is for you. The price of this knitting machine is also great.

With this Addi professional knitting machine, you get 22 needles. The needles can be used to knit circularly knitted items of between 10 and 15 CM. For plainly knitted items you can knit items of between 15 to 20 CM in width. Additionally, you can use almost any type of yarn on this machine. However, the recommended yarn thickness is 3.5 to 8 inches.

The construction of this knitting machine is exceptional. The entire machine is made in Germany, meaning that it benefits from the exceptional craftsmanship that Germany is known for. The wheeled handle makes it easy to knit whether you are a professional or a beginner.

When you buy this knitting machine, you also get a pattern book to give you ideas on the kind of patterns to create with your new machine. A pack of replacement needles is also included in the package to further sweeten the deal.

There is also a threading tool and two stoppers. To ensure that it is stable, the machine is fitted with four feet and 2 clampers. The pattern book contains details instruction and 16 models that are easy to create. These 16 models can be created by professionals as well as non-knitters.

The hook that comes with this machine is specifically designed to work with addi professional knitting machines. The hook can be used to accomplish simple as well as complex crochet and knitting techniques.

All the materials used in the making of this professional knitting machine are of high quality. In this regard, the machine is of high quality and very stable. The tube is not big and can easily fit around your arm or leg. Overall the machine can be used to create a wide variety of things from mittens, narrow scarves, fingerless gloves to baby sweaters.


  • It is easy to use for both pros and beginners
  • Comes with a knitting book
  • Can be used to knit both circular and flat knit patterns
  • The knitting needles are made to exact metric sizes
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Made from high quality materials 
  • Can use a wide variety of yarn types
  • Small for easy storage, affordable price
  • It is possible to makes things wider by stitching the flat panels together


  • Some users have complained that it leaves terrible ends
  • It can only be used to make a handful of items


Addi has been making knitting machines since 1829. That being said, the manufacturer’s products are of very high quality, the addiExpress Professional Extended Edition included. Furthermore, this professional knitting machine can be used by beginners as well as by pros. It is for this reasons that the machine is loved by many.

And despite its minor drawbacks, the fact that it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty is a huge bonus. In case of any manufacturer’s defects, you can always return your machine. However, it is worth noting that this warranty applies when the machine is bought from an Addi authorized dealer. In conclusion, while it is not an electronic knitting machine, this professional knitting machine has a lot to offer.

Speed and Quality 8.5/10
Ease of Use 8/10
Price 8/10

4. Singer Knitting Machine - For Kids and Beginners

The Singer Knitting machine is a device which is recommended to be used by children ages 6 and up. It is light and compact, and this allows the little tots to carry the item around without due difficulty or strain.

As one of the pioneers in the sewing machine industry, The Singer Company that originally hailed from Tennessee has been around since 1851, and it is good to see that they have created products that would also encourage individuals to start developing a skill even at such an early stage.

Knitting requires extreme patience and determination. With the Singer Knitting machine, children would be able to explore the device at their own pace without fear of getting hurt from unnecessary sharp edges or design, and with just the right amount of exploration, they would start doing their creations in no time.

The machine uses plastic latch hook Best knitting needles, and although it is great for kids, this is not a machine we would recommend for professional users.

The Singer circular knitting machine's dimensions are 8 x 10 x 4 inches, handy enough to be portable but not large enough to confuse. Both flat and circular patterns can be made from this machine, so accessories ranging from hats to hand warmers and even small knitted handbags can be made.

But just as with any other sewing machine, the needle has to be carefully minded--it is still rather sharp, so adult supervision is highly recommended to avoid any accidents from happening. Also, circular knitting machines can go uncontrolled should the user turn the knob too quickly, so they must be advised to do otherwise.

The bright colors of the machine would be able to attract both children and children - at - heart, Included in the Singer Knitting machine are two spools of yarn (purple and pink), and a booklet that encourages individuals to create their do-it-yourself projects.

But the intention of encouraging children to harness their design skills might be quite difficult to do with the use of this machine. Unless the user is already adept at handling the device, the knitting machine may be shaky to handle at first, and the pace with which the sewing would be done must be with great care.

Reports of missed and dropped stitches have been given, and some consumers also gave feedbacks of broken parts within minutes of their first usage. And although this product is advertised to be used by the little tots, it may not be duly so, in practicality.

They would have a hard time and they need to have A LOT of patience to be able to get the real hang of the product, and children really aren't too boastful about that trait.

This can be more considered as a toy rather than an actual, fully - functioning circular knitting machine that would pop out creations in no time. As mentioned, the user should have a bit of an experience and a lot of patience in using this product to be able to manage to get more than just swatches. Still, this Singer product would be very helpful for children who just want to have a feel of how real, automatic knitting is.

They can turn the handle and watch yarn or wool spools be converged together in stitches and swatches, and they could watch the delicate knitting for hours just by diligently turning the handle. Color combination experiments could be done as well. After all, inspiration can only be acquired through immersion, and who knows, the child who started with this Singer machine could go a long way when the day comes.

Speed and Quality 5/10
Ease of Use 9/10
Price 9/10

Wrapping Up

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