Caleb Gonzales

Hello, I’m Caleb Gonzales, a carpenter turned knitter.

When the non-knitting world thinks of a knitter, they picture a polite, elderly lady sitting in her rocking chair, surrounded with yarn and homemade cookies. And believe me; if someone told me that I, a carpenter, would one day take up knitting, I would’ve laughed. 

Then again, I’m not too surprised that I was so easily turned into a knitter. I’ve had this passion for making things with my own two hands, and took great pride in being able to say:

There, I made that all by myself.

That’s one of the reasons why I spent a substantial portion of my adult life working as a carpenter. 


When I finally decided that it’s time for me to hang up my hammer and retire, I was looking forward to two things: “Spending more time with my wife and spoiling our grandkids with her.” 

One day, my wife handed me a pair of knitting needles and asked if I wanted to give knitting a try; she had her way of charming me into trying new things and learning to enjoy them.

And so, I took up knitting.

I’m not proud to admit it, but I always thought of knitting as passive, something my wife did to pass the time. It wasn’t until I had to try and figure out how to cast on or make a cable stitch that I truly began to realize that knitting is anything but passive.

It took me quite a lot to get hold of the basics; knitting my first dishrag from start to finish was one of my crown achievements.

A man's hand cradles a soft knit watch cap baby

And even though it wasn’t all that pretty, it brought back that all too familiar feeling of pride and accomplishment I had when I was a carpenter – and I was hooked.

When my wife passed away, I suddenly found myself with nothing to do – nothing, besides knitting.

And so, I decided to give it my best shot:

I learned how to read knitting charts and patterns; I took the time to master knitting stitches that were considered a bit more “advanced.” All of a sudden, dishrags didn’t seem like enough of a challenge. So, I took on a project of knitting a pair of socks for my youngest grandchild.

Then, I moved on up to scarfs and mittens – and an occasional sweater or two!

It’s not only a way for me to pass the time but a way to feel closer to my wife, too. It brings me joy and relaxation, it keeps me sharp, and it brings a sense of accomplishment that I went after my entire life. I would never have thought that I would one day become so passionate about knitting – but here I am.

Knitted Sweater

I wish to share that passion, the many benefits of knitting, and the secrets of the trade with you.

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