Book Review: Three knitting stitch pattern step-by-step guides

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750 Knitting Stitches - The Knit Stitch Bible

750 knitting stitch patterns

By Erika Knight

Cast on, Bind off - 54 Step-by-Step Methods

cast on bind off

By Leslie Ann Bestor

Increase, Decrease - 99 Step-by-Step Methods

one skein stitching patterns

By Judith Durant


Knitting is a craft which not everyone has learned to be skillful at—after all, it takes a lot of patience and knowledge for one to create even the simplest of patterns, and giving up is not an option.

Creativity is the key and so is the measure of exactness. Each thread has to be carefully tended to, not to mention that a spark of intuitiveness is also needed to make patterns which would be fancied by everyone.

And yet not all of us are adept at knitting, not really, especially since the task seems to be arduous enough to be done by any regular individual. But there is a solution to that. Not Finished, placeholder for proper knitting stitch pattern introduction.

1. 750 Knitting Stitches: The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible

750 Knitting Stitches: The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible could be defined be reading the title again. A Bible - a book to live be to improve your skills in knitting. This book has deemed to be a fun way to knit in creative design.

The author, Erika Knight, has made this easy-to-use book, a must-have for any knitting-lover. Erika loves to share her passions with others, by creating simple ways to knit, yet creating beautiful things. She enjoys keeping traditional methods alive but with a touch of experimentation.

The 750 knit stitches that are published by Pavilion Books includes basic instructions for the new knitter and progress to more advanced stitches, giving everyone the edge to produce beautiful pieces. 

It is very easy to read. Whether you are just starting off or have lots of experience, following this book could make you a pro in no time. A creative, fun and easy way to find a hidden talent even.

Throughout the book, you will find information and ideas to help you choose the correct yarn and needles, increase and decrease as well as work a range of different stitches. It also helps with the completing of your piece.To knit, purl, cable and yarn new pieces will no longer be difficult as the book includes step-by-step instructions.

Ways in which to lace patterns and colorwork motifs are also explained in this book. Included are some ideas where you can even add beads to your final product. The instructions are so easy to follow, and it includes clear, color photographs which help keep you on the right track. Seeing what you are working towards, always provides a sense of determination and focus. The great thing about this book is that even though you are working towards the picture, there is always room for creativity and differences. Provides you with the information you need and extra.

Although this book is a great way to become the creative professional that you want to be, there are a few downfalls.

Editor's Rating: 9/10

It seems that 750 Knit Stitches: The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible has the same information that many other books have that readers already own. The ideas are not new to them and feel that this could be a waste of the 'rightfully owned spaces' on their bookshelves.

It appears to have no charts. This could give the book the extra edge on its competitors, making it a best seller. Some pictures are too small, and it leaves the page with plenty of blank spaces. The layout and formatting of the pages, as well as the arrangement of patterns,  could use some work. Such cons have the power to decrease sales drastically as it can spread through so many forums such as social media, word of mouth and reviews.

This book is hugely suitable for any person who is wanting to start or learn more and refine their technique in knitting. It is highly recommended and is very easy to read.

Increase your one knitting skill to 750 by incorporating all the skills you have learned form your book. And if you forget, well - just read your bible.

2. The Increase, Decrease: Ninety-nine step by step methods

The Increase, Decrease: Ninety-nine step by step methods, is a spiral bound knitting book showing easy knitting stitches was written by the one and only Judith Durant.

The author is the editor of the One Skein Wonders best-selling book series, which contains seven volumes. She has also written Cable Left, Cable Right and was a co-author to the top-selling Knitting Know How. The author herself has been knitting for over fifty years and had more than thirty years experience in the editing and writing book industry.

This book is a generously illustrated and detailed guide, ideal for all those curious knitters out there. It is your answer to all those technical knitting questions you have.

Not only does Judith Durant demonstrate a wide variety of decreases and increases, but she also articulates the differences they have quite clearly. She gives you both the good and bad of all the different techniques.

The book is written in quite an approachable manner, to say the least, and helps encourage knitters, be it the novices or the more experienced ones, expand their knitting toolkit and skill.

She helps, you the reader, make an informed choice whenever you come across simple increase and decrease instructions when working on a knitting pattern. One of the most interesting parts of the book is how wonderfully detailed the section on multiple decreases is.

Editor's Rating: 8/10

What makes this book so extremely helpful is how well Judith Durant chose to organize it. She shows you exactly how to go about working your stitches on both the wrong side and right side of your material and, when appropriate, how to go about left and right-leaning versions of your stitch.

She presents the procedures to you one step at a time to help you understand the existing relationships between all of them. She continues to do the same with twisted version stitches, lifted increases, one increases and much more.

Putting them in groups as Judith did in this book help the readers develop a more comprehensive understanding of how knitting works which in turn makes you a much more resourceful knitter.

However, while this book may not cover all the conceivable knitting combinations, it gives the reader bits and pieces of the things it did not completely cover.

You can easily find yourself spending more than an hour walking through one particular section. This, however, will not be in vain because once you are done with that section, you will probably come out a much stronger knitter.

Some may and will quibble that this knitting book is not complete because there will always be a wide variety of twist on versions and easy knitting stitches techniques that can not be fully covered in one book.

All in all, this book is a wonderful addition to any knitting book library and is definite must-have for knitters of all levels, be it the beginners or the rather more experienced ones. Go out and get your copy today and trust me when I tell you that you will not regret it.

3. Cast On - Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods

Never before has there been a book that showcased the knitting skills of a professional in such easy and simple steps. “Cast On, Bind off”, a masterpiece by Leslie Ann Bestor is nothing less than a miracle for someone looking to learn perfect knitting stitch patterns.

It has all the features that a how-to book has, but the important thing is that it also tells then when and where of using the knitting stitch patterns.

Leslie Ann Bestor, a master knitter for several years, with experience in polished and beautifully crafted knitting, provides a step-by-step guide on how to get that perfect knitting stitch patterns that catch the attention of every eye that looks at it.

Leslie Ann Bestor, a professional knitter, is a knitting teacher and store manager at WEBS, American yarns store. Her knitting stitch patterns have been published in bestselling books and numerous home magazines that are incomplete without her work.

She is a master when it comes to beautiful knitting pieces from a simple yarn. She has also written another book by the name “how to knit” which teaches the basic techniques to knit and stitch. She primarily focuses totally on providing sequential procedures to become a master knitter. Cast On, Bind Off The book is as well crafted as the knitting stitch patterns on the embroidery that Leslie Ann Bestor does.

Editor's Rating: 8/10

The book provides details about various topics ranging from basic stitching techniques to advanced level knitting stitch patterns. It also covers topics like how to fine tune your stitching, cutting sharp edges and knitting them precisely along with pictures of step-by-step processes that make it clear to understand different knitting stitch patterns.

It also educates on the right and wrong sides of knitting, how to correct your existing errors and how to invent new techniques for knitting stitch patterns. The book is a one-stop resource for Cast On, Bind Off techniques for your project.

There is a diverse range of cast on, Bind off methods, and if you’re vaguely familiar with any method, then you can easily remind yourself of these techniques.


  • It involves pictures for step-by-step procedures to each method which is useful for a beginner in knitting stitch patterns.
  • There are also links to videos that demonstrate the methods which make it easier for the knitters to get a visual glimpse of the methods.
  • The Cast on, Bind off methods are divided into categories and then explained in proper sequence making them easier to memorize.
  • The strengths and weakness of every method are listed in a detailed form which makes it easier to avoid errors in the knitting stitch patterns.


  • Some old techniques were just revamped to make them look good.
  • A certain confusion is there while reading the text and looking at the visual representation of methods.

Cast On, Bind Off is a must have for every knitter who wants to learn hundreds of methods for casting on and binding off. It’s a dream book for many knitters who want perfect knitting stitch patterns. Professional knitters recommend this book even though there is some space for improvement in the writing of the author. The book will clear all your doubts regarding knitting and will serve as the best comprehensive guide for perfect knitting stitch patterns.

Wrapping up

There you have it, three great knit stitch pattern books, each with its own style and unique benefits. For more helpful knitting guides, be sure to check out Lucy Neatby's DVD guides, or just return to our homepage for all of our knitting resources.