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how to knit a big hat2

How to knit a big hat – Part 2 of Video Series

No-one does it better than Davina from, in this second part of the video she shows you how to finish what she started in Part 1 of the tutorial. In this video she decreases all the way from 44 to 6 stitches, with a couple of grunts for good measure.

If you are interested in reading instead of watching, click the drop down box below the video to see our transcribed version of the knitting tutorial. To see all knitting resources go to our homepage, otherwise if you are looking for a good set of circular knitting needles, read our review.

Or maybe you need a knitting kit to keep your yarn and needles neatly organised. If you've gotten all of this then just enjoy the video already!

Transcribed text from the video

About the Author Caleb Gonzales

Caleb Gonzales is a retired carpenter who grew a passion for knitting after learning the art from his wife. After she passed away he has since taken on the responsibility of knitting socks, hats, scarfs and the sorts for his grandchildren.

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